International strategy

The University's International Cooperation program.

- to monitor the implementation of signed agreements, memoranda
and agreements in order to identify effective and promising
areas and centers of cooperation;
- to intensify work on increasing the number of foreign students,
student exchange within the framework of academic mobility and foreign
agreements, development of training programs, advanced training

professional retraining of foreign citizens, to create
an international retraining center on the basis of the university in order to provide
retraining and advanced training of foreign citizens;

- to develop partnerships between the university and domestic and
foreign universities, universities of the EU and EAEU member states with
international recognition;
- actively encourage teachers who improve their knowledge of foreign
languages, take part in foreign conferences and symposiums,
internships and trainings, publish scientific articles in foreign
publications, participate in writing
textbooks and manuals jointly with foreign partners;

- take active measures to increase international recognition and
enhance the international reputation of the university by ensuring
guarantees of the quality of education, national and international
accreditation of the university, gaining recognizable positions among the specialized
universities of Central Asia and the CIS;

- development of international cooperation with foreign companies
in order to attract sponsorship funds to improve the educational
process and strengthen the material and technical base of the university,
conducting joint research and experimental