Academic mobility of foreign students and specialists

Under the existing cooperation agreements, the International Department collaborates with respective departments to finalize arrangements for the forthcoming visit of foreign participants in the academic mobility program. These arrangements encompass various aspects, including the format, schedule, list of proposed study disciplines, internship plans, lecture topics, and other relevant details. Additionally, financial terms are discussed with the partner university if they are not explicitly outlined in the cooperation agreement. Subsequently, an official invitation is extended to the partner university in the name of the program participant(s).


In cases where it is necessary to issue an invitation for a foreign student or specialist to obtain a visa for entry into Kyrgyzstan, the International Department is responsible for issuing the invitation and facilitating the visa application process for the foreign student or specialist. However, the responsibility for sending the original invitation to the foreign participant in academic mobility rests jointly with the faculty and the International Department.


Upon the arrival of the foreign student or specialist, the International Department takes charge of organizing the preparation of all the requisite visa documents.