TaCPA Project

Master-degree Programme




The aim of this programme is to prepare students for global challenges in society and governance, the complexity of the structure of society and, accordingly, the ways and forms of communication, as well as general processes of digitalization.


To meet the programme aims, the following objectives will help complement students’ learning:

 to form the competencies in the field of e-Government, electronic document management, information and analytical support of state and municipal management

  • to understand the major paradigms in, and perspectives on, e-Governance consideration of policies and practices in e-Government formation, analysis of processes and performance in e-Government implementation;
  • to understand the effect of the digitized environment on public policy-making;
  • to apprehend the essence of G2C (Government-to-Citizen), C2G (Citizen-to-Government), G2B (Government-to-Business), B2G (Business-to-Government), G2G (Government-to-Government) affairs through the use of interconnected networks and web-based solutions
  • to know the theory and practice of social conflicts in a multicultural environment and technologies for their prevention and resolution
  • to be able to use the tools of participatory public administration in digital media.